We manufacture the mechanical parts of various vehicles and equipment used for civil and defense purposes in air, land and sea, some mechanical parts and parts of medical equipment, parts of mechanical, hydraulic or pneumatic systems of various industrial and industrial machines.

Project or sample-based applications are manufactured in line with the needs of our respected customers in the country, using our wide machine park and precise processing techniques.

Sample parts are manufactured for sectors such as agriculture, printing, textile, electrical and electronics, automotive, hydraulics, toys, etc.

Production Process and Our Understanding of Quality

We start aircraft sub-industry manufacturing primarily with the technical drawing stage. After preparing the 3D picture of the product, the created software is transferred to the computers. Isn’t that the biggest advantage of CNC machines? It is inspected by our production staff, which flows through machines without the need for manual labor. Our aim is to manufacture perfect products and to ensure customer satisfaction.

We provide company guarantee for all the spare parts we produce. You ask why? Because we follow every stage of the production process. The control process is carried out meticulously by our quality control personnel. If you want a guarantee from external quality control companies, we ask experts to conduct an on-site inspection and provide a quality control certificate.

The production process is fast and flawless. The biggest advantage of using the CNC system is to interrupt production at any time, change the course or terminate production. In case of any problems in software or production, our employees already make the necessary inspections. In addition, necessary inspections are made before production in order to avoid any margin of error and the production process is started in this way.