Our company manufactures the spare parts of heavy industry, agricultural machinery, automotive spare parts, textile machinery, machinery used in the production and all other mechanical parts machinery in accordance with your technical drawings and product samples with flawless 3D modeling and CADCAM software with technical and engineering experience and It makes its delivery quickly.

The first sheet leg of quality production is quality raw material. We carefully select the raw materials for a smooth and quality production. We take care to use domestic raw materials within the scope of CNC. However, for the special products you have requested, if it is not possible to supply this part in our country, we also contact abroad. After the raw material selection, it comes to the production stage. We use all kinds of metal during the production phase. We support many sectors, especially the aircraft and automotive industry, with CNC lathes and CNC milling machines.

The products we produce are assembled and disassembled. In summary, we give firm guarantee to our products until the assembly stage. Today, we are making mass production by blending the competitive conditions in the world market with customer satisfaction. With each passing day, we continue to add more technological machines to our fixtures. The mathematics of our success in the field of contract spare parts manufacturing can also be expressed in the exports we do abroad.

As Arifoğlu CNC, we are not only in Istanbul. We have a wide export network abroad as well as our sales to 81 domestic sales. Spare parts may be required during the regular maintenance of the machines in the companies. Or, in case of malfunctions, the supply of spare parts for the company can be of vital importance. At such times, we are proud of supplying spare parts to many sectors to be your savior. If you contact our company, our staff will take care of your questions and problems and the supply of the necessary parts will be completed in a short time after the orders have been passed.