Past productions were based on manpower. Mass production was not possible in production using manpower. Because every person has a working capacity and a deadline. For example, in the iron and steel industry, burning fire, softening iron by forging, shaping and cooling the forged iron, making finishing touches, etc. It was quite laborious. Due to the low earnings and the number of products to be produced per month, that is, the number of personnel working was low due to costs.

The reason for the increase in production that occurred with the industrial revolution is mechanization. Presented as the substitute for manpower, machines have become gigantic means of production today. These black flat production benches have been constantly renewed, updated and strengthened with the Industrial Revolution. CNC is a system based on computer technology. It is the Supported Numerical Control. Production works through software transferred to computers. Thus, the serialization of the production pushed the investors to enter the industrial sector.

There is a bench control unit in CNC. Thus, machine tools move with the commands given. Continuity in production is ensured as the existing programs are preserved. At this point, the following question may come to mind, what if you want to change the program? Of course, you have the right to intervene in the program and stop production during production.

Turning, on the other hand, can be defined as cutting and removing chips with metal materials around a rotating axis. There are many types of CNC machines used today. One of them is CNC lathe. The machining capacities of CNC lathes are wider and their processing capabilities are higher than other types. It enables faster and mass production compared to universal lathes. With the developing technology, CNC technique is now used in metal processing and chip removal.

As Arifoğlu CNC Fasteners Machinery Chemistry Industry company, we also benefit from the blessings that technology offers us. We are proud to be among the leading companies in the sector today with quality raw materials. We are the supplier of many domestic and foreign companies with the productions we have made in accordance with quality standards. We work with all our strength to provide the parts you need in periodic maintenance and failure situations. We process all kinds of metal in order to meet the needs in a shorter time.

CNC Lathe and Us

We make mass and quality production by means of CNC lathes. Softwares called NC programs are sent to the control units via computer. Servo motors and balls move thanks to this software. The machines whose turnover, progress and production amount are determined by software are producing flawlessly. At the head of the advancing production line, there are expert personnel in the field. Our staff carefully control every stage of production.

Our mission as a company is primarily flawless production. In this way, we aim to provide customer satisfaction. With our production facility in Ümraniye, Istanbul, we are the supplier of other provinces, and we work with many countries abroad.

Using CNC in lathe is a great advantage. The machine that interprets the entered programs goes to the production phase. Programs can be entered into the machine in various ways. The machine that reads the existing codes in the entered program starts to produce the parts. The biggest advantage of using technology evolves at this point. In this way, metal parts are manufactured with the least error. However, the control of any problems to be experienced is also carried out by our employees. You can get detailed information by contacting us through communication channels.