Spare parts manufacturing has taken its place in the trade network as a sector today. As Arifoğlu CNC, we produce spare parts in areas such as machinery, weapons and aircraft and meet the needs of our valued customers. These days, planes, guns, automobiles, etc. produced with the latest technology all have complex algorithms. Since companies compete with each other, they must constantly add a new feature to their products. In addition, the rapidly developing technology almost dictates this to the companies.

As Arifoğlu CNC company, we manufacture parts on CNC machines. We want to add the emphasis on quality next to computer aided mass production. Spare parts production begins with the drawing of the technical drawing of the part. Pictures drawn in 3D are uploaded to computers via software and production is started. While computer programs help mass production, they also allow the right to intervene in production at any time.

One of the values that our company attaches importance to is quality control. We act with the principle of quality control at every stage of production. From the control of the pictures drawn, the products are controlled by our staff at all stages such as turning, milling, welding. In line with the demands of our valued customers, quality control can also be carried out by different quality control companies. We stand behind our products to the end and we give a guarantee as a manufacturer.

Spare parts manufacturing is actually a challenging process. The stage from the selection of the raw material to the emergence of a concrete part and the assembly of this part can be painful. Quality control is important in this context. Although freight companies are sub-industry organizations, they do not produce faulty, but produce close to the original. Even today, giant companies have their spare parts manufactured by contract spare parts companies.

The purpose of mass production is to reduce costs in the context of firms. For this reason, the prices of spare parts are more affordable. In addition, one of the reasons for the emergence of the spare parts industry is the company demands. It can sometimes be difficult to replace the same parts of machines purchased by companies in the industrial sector. Businesses working with the logic of selling a new machine can work with different parts than the existing models in the market. As Arifoğlu CNC, we produce the parts you need together with our suppliers. Does your mass production line stop working? You will certainly be asking. We have contracted companies for the production of qualified products. As you can see, our aim is to meet your demands and to supply this product in a short time in the country.

Although the center of our company is in Istanbul, we also have a large trade volume in Turkey and abroad. Sectors in which we produce spare parts;

  • Defense and aircraft industry
  • Automotive industry
  • Machinery industry

Spare parts manufacturing and supply is one of the serious issues. Especially in case of malfunctions, this malfunction must be eliminated in a short time in order to eliminate these malfunctions and to keep the production line running. Sometimes it is possible to fix the defect without replacing parts. Sometimes, spare parts may be required. It is very important for companies to reach these parts in a short time in terms of continuity in manufacturing. Our company makes production by taking into account the parts that will malfunction in machines, automobiles, weapons and planes most. At the same time, necessary R&D studies are carried out in terms of equivalent parts and the supply of these parts is provided.

In addition, our company produces specific parts in line with your needs. When you send us the technical drawing or the part you request to be produced, with the support of our suppliers, we also supply these parts without stopping the mass production. Metal selection is made to extend the life of the part according to the area to be used over the sample part sent to us and it is ensured that the company gets rid of the malfunctions with the least damage in economic terms.